Space drones for autonomous fault detection and maintenance of satellites and space structures


Rohan Dsilva

Rohan Dsilva


• Oxford postgraduate with 14+ years experience across multiple startups, MNC, academia & research etc.
• Expertise in data engineering, infrastructure, robotics, space engineering, machine learning, drone development etc.
• Led cross-functional teams and reported to C-level executives

Team & supporters with 75+ years of combined experience across start-ups, academia, MNC’s (ESA, UN, Airbus, Thales Alenia Space, Satellite Applications Catapult, AAC Clyde Space, Kepler Communications, Valispace, Royal Aeronautical Society, European Commission, Mars Society UK, ISAE SUPAERO, HISCOX, Marsh, Capgemini, Vodafone, Oxford Uni., Edinburgh Uni., Cranfield Uni., Oracle, IBM, PwC, NHS etc. )


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